Say no to chemicals!

Parents and carers, please put natural products on your child. Whether it’s a natural oil or body butter. Trust me the natural stuff works. 

The world around us is getting more polluted and children are becoming more prone to eczema and acne, so it’s important that we hydrate them with natural things.

Research has found cancer causing chemicals on baby products like Johnsons. Yes everyone and their mums used Johnsons on their children back in the days and it was fine. But this could be a trigger for problems in the future. What you use on your child now can have an effect in future, whether it be positive or negative.

Why are we ignoring 50 chemical ingredients we can’t even pronounce and putting this on our children? 

Natural is the best! It works and it let’s your child’s skin breath. There are so many oils and butters. Please use those instead of baby products with chemicals. Chemicals strip off natural oils and dry out skin, making them worse. Investing on your child’s skin is important. Make that effort with them.

At Tiny Twinkle, we use all natural products and our ingredients are on the products we make. It’s 100% organic! 

Please try to use organic products on your children! 

Umm Yusra @tinytwinklebabyproducts


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