It’s time we leave a legacy


Asalamu alaikum.

It’s been just over 11 weeks since I’ve had my daughter alhamdulillah. So many changes have happened and my little beauty is growing up so quickly mashaAllah.

One thing I’ve struggled with is lack of sleep as all mothers will tell you. There are days where I feel down and it’s only natural for anyone to go through it and sometimes can get into a mood. But one thing I’ve realised is how Allah makes things that I thought was once impossible, possible. I get only a few hours sleep here or there or have broken sleep, whereas before, I needed 8 hours sleep at least or I’d get quite cranky.

I came to the realisation that this dunya is not for sleep and I was quite greedy with my sleep.

I am reminded that somebody somewhere is sleeping uncomfortably, on rocks and dirt. Going to sleep hungry and thirsty and still thanking Allah for blessing them with this hardship. We are living in luxury and we will have a lot to answer for.

Real work happens when you become a parent (not just mums, dad’s lives change too) because we are now responsible for another being. This made me realise a lot about dunya. Our job in this dunya is to work for our akhirah and losing a few hours sleep worth that. We will see the fruits of this hard work when we pass and find ourselves resting in Jannah in shaa Allah.

No one will ever achieve anything by just sleeping. Our nabi (saw) slept for only a few hours a day, and he had conquered and spread the message of Islam SubhanAllah. 23 years of prophethood! He (saw) built a legacy and is remembered thousands and thousands of years later. While some of us been having the same routine for the last few years, working the same job from Monday to Friday, waiting for the weekends and wishing our lives away. Our days on repeat.

All this is fine, as long as we’re not forgetting our purpose. If we are leaving our salah for the same job we’re doing daily, then there is a problem with the life we’re living.

After having Yusra, so many thoughts came into my head. How best to keep her away from harm? I am a sinner but I don’t want her to be. Everyday I am failing in my test but I pray she doesn’t. It’s a cruel world out there and I fear for her. Allah is Ar Rahman (The merciful) so I ask for forgiveness and make dua for Allah to make her amongst the righteous in shaa Allah. Dua is the weapon for the believer.

Our time is ticking and I’m in my late 20’s. When I leave this dunya, what legacy would I have left behind? Something that maybe someone will still benefit from in a hundred years time? Maybe my deeds weren’t enough for Jannah and because of this little legacy I had left behind, someone somewhere said, ‘Oh Allah, reward this person and grant them Jannah, Ameen.’ And Allah would have accepted that dua. How amazing would that be?

How amazing would it be if that person was to be my Yusra, making silent duas for me to grant me a place in Jannah? SubhanAllah! The lack of sleep for a million days would be worth that.

I want to leave a small legacy behind for the sake of Allah. It may not be much but atleast I’d have something to say to Him when I get questioned.

If I can lose sleep and benefit someone for the sake of Allah, then that is my goal. Even if that person is my 11 week year old Yusra.

Things you can do to leave a legacy:

– write a book
– give sadaqah towards a cause
– make videos about Islam for people to benefit
– write blogs
– set up your own project
– be a good role model

There are so many things we can do!

Let’s lose a little sleep to build our legacy in shaa Allah.

Umm Yusra.


2 thoughts on “It’s time we leave a legacy

  1. I don’t think iv felt as close to Allah as I did during my pregnancy. For me it was such a spiritual journey like an awakening! Suddenly my view of this world change. Insha’allah we are successful in our goals – as you said “dua is the weapon “

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    1. Alhamdulillah definitely sister. I never had thought about life the way I did when I became pregnant. Before then I had only myself and husband to think about. Now everything I do has an effect. May Allah make successful in the akhirah. Ameen

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